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Bradshaw Wish

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Bradshaw is a full-time yoga teacher based in Chicago. He discovered his love for yoga after years of tumbling and dancing all over the city. Realizing the power of breath and movement is integral to Bradshaw’s classes, which are rooted in vinyasa. He strives to cultivate a space where all are welcome and all levels are challenged. Bradshaw has assisted with teacher trainings at Bare Feet Power Yoga and curates national and international yoga retreats. He completed his 200 hour teacher training with Wild Abundant Life and his  500 YTT with master teacher Jason Crandell.


Giana  Gambino

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Giana Gambino is a 500 hr Yoga Educator based in Chicago. She discovered yoga in college as a means to bring balance and ease stress. Giana enjoys making yoga approachable to anybody and aims to meet students where they are to build them up. She see’s herself as a guide that fosters her students relationships with themselves. Her lighthearted and technical approach is rooted in Hatha Vinyasa and passes on the teachings of her several teachers in a way that has become uniquely her own. She has trained with established teachers, Janet Stone and Jason Crandell.

Guest Lecturers

C.A.Y.A Yoga School hosts Guest Lecturers for every YTT and also invites teachers to lead workshops on areas of specialized interest or study.  We aim to build a well-rounded team of experts and share as much as we can with all of you. 

Margot Greer

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Margot was introduced to yoga in 2010 while recovering from an illness and has since evolved her practice into a form of healing and nurturing to connect with her body. Through her yoga practice, she learned to listen to and love her body, be kind to herself, and accept wherever she was - on and off her mat. In part due to her own personal experiences with body image over the years, Margot is dedicated to helping people explore their own bodies and experience the healing potential of yoga in an accessible way.  

She believes that the practice of yoga is a lifelong endeavor that can serve people in a myriad of ways, whether they are seeking to gain strength, flexibility, self-discovery, deepen spirituality, or for physical or emotional healing. She aspires to bring people together to be physically, mentally, and emotionally more attuned with themselves, creating a more present and fulfilling lifestyle for all beings. 

Quamay Sams

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Quamay began his yoga journey in the summer of 2016. Ever since, he has used Yoga and Mindfulness to help aid his Mental Health and Developmental Trauma. With a deep passion for chakras, he had developed a strong love for the subtle energies of the body and strives to create a balance between movement and the mindfulness of spiritual meditation. After receiving his 200- hour training certificate for Power Vinyasa, Quamay began teaching in his home of NYC. Following his passion for learning he had moved to the Bay Area in 2018 to pursue further education and opportunity for sharing his knowledge. Studying with his mentor Jason Crandell, he received his Advance 500-HR certification in 2020 and he continues to share his love of the practice through skillful sequencing and deep anatomical influence.

Judy Weaver

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Judy Weaver is a yoga therapist and a teacher-of-teachers with over 30 years of experience and is the founder of Connected Warriors and Bodymind Recalibration™. Judy is known for her expertise in the world of trauma and developed Trauma-Conscious Yoga based on the understanding that trauma is held in the cells of the body and mind and refined this practice with Bodymind Recalibration which builds cognitive and somatic bodymind relationships.  As a member of Yoga Alliance Advisory Board, On-line Presenter, part of their Core Curriculum Working Group, significant contributor to several books and university lectures, Judy has been able to share her passion for this practice of yoga to support the yoga community.

Nishanth Selvalingam

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Nishanth Selvalingam spent the first few years of his life studying yoga philosophy at his grandfather's ashram in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In 2016, Nish moved to Los Angeles to study philosophy at UCLA and play guitar in rock bands. Having graduated in 2020, Nish now teaches asana, meditation and yoga philosophy at various studios both online and in-person in Los Angeles. He is devoted to expressing the Unity of all religions and teaches Non-Duality (Advaita Vedanta) primarily, which he maintains is the most fragrant flower in the garden of Indian spirituality. 


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