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C.A.Y.A Yoga School is the collaborative vision of Bradshaw Wish and Giana Gambino. Together, they bring over eighteen years of  teaching to co-create an inclusive yoga training program and yoga retreat experience. We commit to honoring the traditions of yoga while also fostering curiosity and playfulness. We embrace the duality of exploration and structure and aim to support the uniqueness of what happens on the yoga mat to help deepen a connection to self.


C.A.Y.A provides high quality education in the Hatha Vinyasa lineage and fuses It with a lightheartedness anyone can enjoy. We believe in making yoga teacher trainings accessible to those interested in further developing their practice or teaching. Our retreats are separate program and method of deepening your practicing and taking care of yourself. They encourage introspection, connection and help to cultivate joy.

C.A.Y.A specialize in Yoga Retreats, 200 & 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings, Mentorship Programs, and Continuing Education.


 2023 Teacher Training Dates Coming Soon. 


Photos taken by Marissa Tenekedes

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