Welcome to C.A.Y.A Yoga School

C.A.Y.A Yoga School is the collaborative vision of Bradshaw Wish and Giana Gambino. We bring over ten years of practice and teaching experience to co-create an inclusive yoga training. C.A.Y.A provides high quality education in the Hatha Vinyasa lineage, with a focus on technique, anatomy, history, philosophy, meditation and ethics. We believe in making yoga and teacher training accessible to those interested in deepening their practice or teaching. We anticipate students joining with an open mind, heart, and willingness to learn, and we commit to doing our part to honor and support the traditions of yoga and the uniqueness of what happens on our mats. 


C.A.Y.A specialize in 200 & 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings, Yoga Teacher Mentorship, Continuing Education Workshops, and Retreats. 


Upcoming Programs:


This is a Hybrid program consisting of a two week long intensive and a virtual course continuing throughout the fall.  If you're interested in becoming a yoga alliance certified yoga instructor, Read More Here

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - Build Your Own Curriculum

This program consists of in-person intensives, an online cohort and mentorship program, a retreat and a library of prerecorded courses you can take at your own pace. This 300 Hour program is highly individualized so that you can tailor your continuing education experience. Caya Yoga School provides several opportunities a year to account for hours toward your 300 hour, and this program culminates with a retreat and individual mentoring. Read More Here


This is a prerecorded course you can purchase at any time. This program is focused on developing an understanding of sequencing and anatomy, as well as honing in on your voice as a yoga teacher. 3 Private calls are included with tuition and you can schedule them at your own pace.  Read More Here